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June 16, 2017

Get Plugged In: A Little Video About Turning On the Spiritual Electricity

What’s the difference between ecstatic spirituality and everything else? Take a look.

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March 5, 2016

Seiki Jutsu: Introduction and Demonstration

Hillary and Brad give an introduction and demonstration of seiki jutsu. For more on seiki jutsu, see our book, Seiki Jutsu: The Practice of Non-Subtle Energy Medicine.

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June 5, 2016

The Oldest Healing Dance in the World

Pure dance footage (no talking). This is a rare glimpse of both the men’s (giraffe) and women’s (gwa) healing dances of the Bushmen (San) of the Kalahari region of Southern Africa. This is not the kind of dance that is witnessed on tours to visit the Bushmen. This contemporary footage was taken sometime around 2004….

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November 3, 2016

The First Dance (Includes Interviews)

“It’s what the world most deeply wants, but doesn’t know it. If people were touched by this spiritual current there would be no hostility. It fills the heart with such great joy. You can live like this in greater happiness than any billionaire ever has. This is absolutely the greatest secret, greatest wisdom, and greatest…

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August 5, 2016

Sacred Ecstatics: An Interview with Brad and Hillary

Watch the interview with Brad and Hillary as they describe Sacred Ecstatics. With Bradford Keeney on piano. (If you don’t see the player below, try refreshing your page or clicking this link).

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February 22, 2016

Brad’s First Ecstatic Spiritual Awakening

Watch a one minute excerpt from the documentary, American Shaman, about Brad’s first ecstatic experience as a young man. (If you don’t see the player below, try refreshing your page or clicking this link).

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