Bradford Keeney


Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned explorer of the art of conducting ecstatic spirituality. He was accepted as a n/om-kxao (healer) among the Kalahari Bushmen, as Megan Biesele, Ph.D., former member of the Harvard Kalahari Research Group, confirms: “There is no question in the minds of the Bushman healers that Keeney’s strength and purposes are coterminous with theirs. They affirmed his power as a healer.” He is the subject of the book, American Shaman: An Odyssey of Global Healing Traditions written by psychologists Jeffrey Kottler and Jon Carlson, which won a Best Spiritual Book of 2005 award from Spirituality & Health magazine.

Brad spent over a decade traveling the globe, living with spiritual teachers, shamans, and healers who trusted him to share their words and teaching with others. This work resulted in one of the broadest and most intense field studies of healing, chronicled in the critically acclaimed book series, Profiles of Healing, an eleven-volume encyclopedia of the world’s healing practices. A display honoring his breakthrough fieldwork and contributions to understanding the origin of human culture is part of a permanent exhibition in the Origins Centre Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa.

"Keeney's story ranks with The Gospel of Ramakrishna and The Autobiography of a Yogi in terms of sheer revelatory power with its encounter with the sacred.”


Authors of A Fire in the Mind: The Life of Joseph Campbell

Brad also served as a professor, director, and founder of doctoral programs in numerous universities and is the originator of several orientations to psychotherapy. As a scholar, his classic text, Aesthetics of Change, was cited by Heinz von Foerster as a key text in the science of cybernetics. He is the inventor of recursive frame analysis, a research method that discerns patterns of transformation in conversation. Brad has given keynote addresses throughout the world, written numerous books, composed several sacred songs, and performed as an improvisational pianist.


“Bradford Keeney emerges as a fascinating and charismatic healer, one who brings to modern life the powerful wisdom of a traditional shaman.”


Author of Emotional Intelligence

“In this invitation into very ancient medicine, we hear the voices of the elders issuing a timely wakeup call, accessible to the modern world through Bradford Keeney who is their representative in the west.”
Author of The Healing Wisdom of Africa

“I meet a continual stream of people devoted to intelligent soul work and spiritual journeys, but Keeney’s radiance shines a different light on the territory. Life happens in dreamtime for him…the soul-in-the-world is alive, and he is, (as D.H. Lawrence said), in sheer, naked contact with it.”

Psychotherapist, author, and playwright

“A colleague and I were interviewing the most influential therapists of this generation about their most seminal cases. Among all the most prominent thinkers and clinicians, Keeney’s work struck me as the most memorable . . . Anyone is fortunate indeed if they have the opportunity to learn from Brad Keeney’s keen intellect, compassionate heart, and vast experience. I have never worked with any professional – physician, teacher, clergyperson, or therapist – who has more charisma and more power to move people who otherwise feel stuck in their lives.”


Former Chair of the Counseling Department at California State University – Fullerton and author of more than fifty books.

“Did you ever wonder where the spirit and voice went of Abraham Maslow, R.D. Laing, Fritz Perls, Jacob Moreno, Sheldon Kopp, Ira Progoff, Carl Whitaker, Eric Berne, and other therapists who inspired your career? It is alive and well – Keeney is on fire with their spirit!”

Author, renowned therapist, and Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

“Brilliant is the first word that comes to mind in characterizing Dr. Keeney and it does justice to the overwhelming dynamism, competence, enthusiasm, foresight, indefatigability, and sheer radiance of personality of this remarkable human being. His professional competence, charming personality, scientific credibility, and sense of responsibility serve as an inspiration.”
A founder of the science of cybernetics

“Brad is the most creative scholar I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is always at the cutting edge of issues in psychotherapy and anthropology.”
A founder of cognitive anthropology and postmodern anthropology; former endowed chair of anthropology and linguistics, Rice University