More Books

The Energy Break (The Practice of Autokinetics)
New York: Golden Books, 1998 (also published in Ireland, Germany, Indonesia, and Spain)

Everyday Soul
New York: Riverhead/Putnam, 1996 (also published in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Brazil)

Crazy Wisdom Tales
New York: Barrytown Press, 1995

The Lunatic Guide to the David Letterman Show (Experiments with Absurd Social Interventions)
New York: Station Hill Press, 1995

Shaking Out the Spirits
New York: Station Hill Press, 1995

Resource Focused Therapy (with Wendel Ray)
London: Karnac Books (U.S. distribution by Brunner Mazel), 1993

Improvisational Therapy: A Practical Guide for Creative Clinical Strategies
New York: The Guilford Press, 1991 (Behavioral Science Book Club and Newbridge Book Club selections, 1992; also published in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese.)

The Systemic Therapist, Volumes I & II (Editor)
St. Paul: Systemic Therapy Press, 1990

Constructing Therapeutic Realities
Dortmund, Germany: Verlag fur Modernes Lernen, 1987

The Therapeutic Voice of Olga Silverstein (with Olga Silverstein)
New York: The Guilford Press, 1986 (also published in German, Spanish, and Italian).

Mind in Therapy: Constructing Systemic Family Therapies (with Jeffrey Ross)
New York: Basic Books, 1985 (also published in German, Spanish, and Italian)

Diagnosis and Assessment in Family Therapy (Editor)
Rockville, Maryland: Aspen Systems, 1983

Aesthetics of Change
New York: The Guilford Press, 1983 (Behavioral Science Book Club Selection; cited as one of the major sources on cybernetics in the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence; also published in German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese; paperback edition published 2003)