You are a Biopsychic Resonator: Essential (Non-New Agey) Truths About Vibration

This essay is #3 in the Charles Henry Mystical Teaching Series

A Reminder: the strongest n/om-kxaosi, mystics, shamans, and ecstatics of old did not need any elaborate explanation of what they were doing in order to get spiritually cooked. They only needed a few key principles, serving as compass settings, to keep them on the path to mystery. The Charles Henry mystical teachings aim to specify the primary notions and directions that point to what is essential about ecstatic experience. In our last mystical teaching, we discussed the importance of the ecstatic pump that is connected to a rhythmic pulse from the earth. This pump moves the sacred vibration of n/om into your body. It makes you feel alive and more a part of the vast cosmos. The secrets of the mystical universe are found in working with the most basic vibrations underlying the ecstatic energetics of life.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla


Everything is Vibration

Charles Henry proposed that “everything is vibration” and that we reside within three basic fields of vibration: gravitational (matter), electromagnetic (energy), and biopsychic (the experience of life). However, distinguishing these latter names is arguably unnecessary. All you need to say is that “everything is vibration.” The great osteopath, Dr. Robert Fulford, also regarded our world as vibration and suggested that the lower frequencies are associated with the materiality of the physical body, the midrange frequencies are more associated with mind and thought, whereas the highest frequencies are associated with the spiritual. His categories are also arguably unnecessary. All you need to say is that “everything is vibration.”

When we go to the laboratory and try to identify and measure the vibrations of well-being, exceptional performance, and spiritual development, we oversimplify things and paradoxically distance ourselves from being able to be softened and touched by the vibrations we are in need of receiving. We then compensate by fantasizing and imitating rather than authentically experiencing a dose of the special somatically felt vibration that unlocks health, creativity, and mystery.

The same result can take place when we generalize that we consist of electricity or magnetism rather than matter. We then invent electrical devices that attempt to regulate our electrical rather than our biochemical nature. George Lakhovsky did this with his multiwave oscillator (MWO). He believed that having a bath in diverse electrical frequencies would heal disease. Each cell of the body, acting like a radio receiver, would presumably find the frequency it needed to restore its equilibrium and health. While Lakhovsky and others had fascinating results, their work was too reductionist and in need of far more complexity.


The SCHB Inside the Loop of Attunement

You exist in a sea of many vibrations that are relatively in synch or out of synch with one another. And you are constantly in need of resetting, retuning, and reestablishing the vibrations of your life. The only scientific instrument capable of achieving this is a God-manufactured SCHB—a spiritually cooked human being. An SCHB from the Kalahari, a n/om-kxao, never consciously knows what frequency of vibration(s) a person needs to receive. Regulation takes place naturally and automatically when there is appropriate skin-to-skin vibrational contact. It is felt rather than measured.

A n/om-kxao’s fluttering hands, shaking body, and trembling voice transmit a vibration into the recipient. Whatever is vibrationally going on with the recipient helps determine what the n/om-kxao expresses, and all this happens outside conscious awareness. A n/om-kxao usually starts by sending a vibration (again, done automatically) into another person’s body. The subsequent reaction then alters how the n/om-kxao next vibrates. This is a continuous feedback loop—the loop of attunement—where the outcome of the recipient’s body movement participates in constantly adjusting the vibrations of the n/om-kxao. For this to work effectively, both the recipient and transmitter both need to not force anything to happen. The recipient should not try to purposefully shake or tremble for this sends a false signal to the transmitter. A natural spontaneous body response is required for a good outcome signal. Similarly, the transmitter must allow the vibrations to happen rather than operate from any preconceived notion of what should be done.

Machines that send vibrating radiation, magnetism, or electricity to a client typically fail because they lack appropriate ongoing feedback. The vibrational field is constantly changing and the administered vibration must change in kind. There can never be a predetermined setting for the medicinal pulse. Healing and transformation take place in the ongoing interaction that is constantly changing and readjusting itself as attunement works itself out.

The same complexity is true for the mapped locations of acupuncture points and kundalini chakras. They actually can shift, move, and interact to create changing permutations. If you memorize static locations, you will easily miss what is occurring in the dynamic field that is organized by constant change. A senior teacher of Chinese medicine from China once told Brad that he was frustrated teaching non-Chinese students because they wanted to memorize static charts of acupuncture points and meridians which prevents learning how to somatically discern where they are and notice when they vary from what a diagram depicts.

A map, template, delineated protocol, or a computer program cannot effectively direct where vibrational contact should be made. Again, a finely tuned human body is the only nontrivial, complex machine that has been built to detect the relevant vibrations and their interactive changes. Furthermore, machines (and healers acting like machines) do not register any interaction of diverse vibrations within the body. You should never work with a singular vibration, but with the vast symphony of vibrations that create interactive effects that constantly change as they are expressed in time. An SCHB or n/om-kxao comes equipped with the same complexity as the human beings they work with, and are already naturally sensitized to the complexity of vibrational interactions held in the human body. Remember that there is a lot of interaction going on in a Kalahari tuning: interaction between the transmitter and the receiver (with each person both simultaneously and sequentially enacting each role), as well as interaction amidst the many vibrations within each person.


Bushman n/om-kxaosi exchanging nails of n/om in a healing dance


A n/om-kxao cannot tune another complex vibrating system unless they themselves are spiritually hot, that is, in the ecstatic zone of heightened n/om with its special kind of emotion, body pump, rhythm, and song. Here we find something else that is missing in the methods of vibrational medicine and healing. It is the spiritually hot temperature that empowers both the discernment of another’s many vibrations and the ability to intervene and adjust them. The right frequency or cluster of frequencies administered to a client in a room that has not achieved high enough spiritual heat will be ineffective.

This is why placing separate crystals on the body, shining different colors of light, or playing different isolated musical tones usually does not significantly alter the vibrational situation. While these methods enact a partial truth (the situation does require a vibrational adjustment), these approaches lack the sufficient spiritual heat required to activate both discernment and intervention inside (not outside) a healing feedback loop. Vibrational attunement requires constant changing of the vibrations—their form, medium, frequency, intensity, and so forth. The vibrations of the n/om-kxao and client must dance together. A static crystal, steady tone, or constant light does not dance. For vibrational attunement, a healing dance of vibrations must take place inside each participant and inside their interactions with one another.

The n/om-kxao tuner must be tuning her own body at the same time that the client is being tuned. There is no treatment of “the other” separate from what is also being experienced by the tuner. Rather than tuning, healing, altering, or changing a separate person, it is more accurate to say that the n/om-kxao goes on a vibrational journey of attunement as the other person holds onto the n/om-kxao and goes along for the ride. The n/om-kxao is inside the corrective cybernetic loop and subject to all the effects of the healing vibrations as the assumed recipient. Both are recipients of the calibrating vibrational adjustments; the n/om-kxao is simply a more skilled recipient. The heated and spontaneously improvising vibration that circulates between them is the healer.


You Are a Biopsychic Resonator

Since you are essentially a system of multiple vibrations, you may follow Charles Henry and describe yourself as a “biopsychic resonator.” How you resonate with vibration determines the nature of your experience; your quality of life depends on your resonator and the vibrations it hosts. When all the many vibrations within are attuned, in synch, and in dynamic harmony (changing as change is needed), your biopsychic resonator shifts into autoregulation mode in order to further maintain its balance and equilibrium. When you are thrown out of synch by any life bump, jolt, or crash, you need an attunement of the whole system of vibrations that makes you who you are. Attunement of the biopsychic resonator reestablishes the resonance of health.

Think of yourself as a hollow tube or pipe, a resonator capable of making, holding, amplifying, and sharing vibration. The better a resonator you are, the better are your good vibrations. The better the vibrations, the better you resonate. All of your experience is a consequence of the tones of your biopsychic resonator. Be an empty, clean pipe and your vibrations will sound true. Not all vibrations are created equal. The high vibrations that originate with the Creator, the Big Holy, are the ones that can make anything happen including the miracle of your becoming spiritually cooked.

Sacred Ecstatics concerns itself with highly charging, arousing, and exciting your biopsychic resonator. Though we may be interested in all means and levels of vibratory excitation, the highest sacred vibrations are given the utmost attention. In other words, while you can bounce with a choreographed energy medicine practice, shake like you are at a disco, or cause your muscles to tremble at a physical therapist’s office, there is nothing like an old fashioned sacred pulse sending fire through your bones. As the gospel song puts it, “Can’t nobody do me like Jesus.” When the vibration is sacred and conveyed by a sacred n/om song, nothing is more satisfying.


Photo by Chip Simons


The more your resonator is excited by sacred vibration, the more a whole uber-attunement takes place. With a little bit of excitation, you feel better. With even more excitation, you feel great. With maximal excitation, you enter mystical bliss, a rhapsodic dip into First Creation and its big divine love. Charles Henry called for a new kind of therapy or “bath” that would aim to “provoke the equivalent of an excitation of the complete nervous field, analogous to the sensation of the physiological white . . . [and] would appear to define that which literature and current language understand by the word ‘love.’” To excite your “nervous field” involves more than passive sideline perception. You have to jump into the bath, the spiritually vast sea where attunement automatically takes place. Henry was aware that perception from any sense (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling) requires motion and commotion. The tongue glides over the object tasted, the eyeball shifts its position in space, the ear’s membrane pulses like a drum, fingers move to maintain the feel of a held object, and so forth. You can’t sit still and perceive in order to receive heightened vibratory excitation. You have to get your body to move in relationship to what is happening with the sensory organs and your surroundings.

When your surroundings are vast and holy, and you are inspired to move with this holiness, your spiritual senses awaken. To receive the God vibration you have to make room for you and God to move together. Everything must move—your body, voice, emotions, thoughts, and all vibrations of every imaginable and unimaginable kind. This is the kinetics and thermodynamics of the divine and it must be both stirred and shaken in order for mystery to get a hold on you.


Becoming the Body (Keyboard) Electric

Henry saw that the whirling dervishes provide a clue to the excitation of the whole nervous field. It was the way music provided excitement in combination with “appropriate locomotion” that enabled mystical experience to arise. Henry likely envisioned that this new kind of therapy or bath would extend beyond the boundaries of any particular spiritual lineage, using whatever worked while not held back by whatever short-circuited the natural process. He described this experience as enabling a participant to experience their body as a “total harmonic keyboard.” Like a musical keyboard, playing the body in this way would involve contrast, rhythm, and measure. Sacred Ecstatics invites you to become this special kind of biopsychic resonator, an instrument that is like an acoustic piano. Playing music activates the brain like no other activity and the use of ten fingers to play the piano activates a heightened amount of neuronal activity. When the body becomes a kind of Charles Henry somatic keyboard, we approach a new way of receiving and transmitting that is akin to Beethoven, Liszt, or Bach performing an uplifting concert. Sacred Ecstatics becomes the art of playing the electric body piano.

During the pinnacle spiritual experience of being cooked, you become a biopsychic keyboard resonator. Here you are more than a somatic drum, flute, trumpet, or voice. All the vibrational tones can be played with all the fingers (while accompanied by dancing feet and toes to further maximize the excitation). The therapy, bath, healing, ceremony, and life force theatre you seek must musically play, sing, and dance the whole of you in the biggest space where there is also room for God. Nothing less can provide the degree of excitation needed to activate mystical light and love. When you are optimally excited and awakened, you experience something more than a state of consciousness; you become an ecstatic process of emotionally felt and expressed change that moves from measure to measure like a musical composition. You literally enact being a song traveling the melodic line with an underlying rhythm that moves the journey along.



With full-blown mystical excitation, you experience yourself as a resonator that vibrates with the music of the spheres, the heavenly choir, and the celestial orchestra. Under the fullest excitation, your biopsychic resonator is mutually interacting with the electromagnetic and gravitational resonators of the cosmos. The greater mind of the noosphere—Teilhard de Chardin’s atmosphere of a surrounding unified mind—which is also the locale of the Akashic library of recorded vibrations, is made available to you. This is the equivalent of being sent to the spiritual classrooms. As you enter into greater mind, vibration, and music, your biomagnetism is also made more in tune with the resonance of Earth’s electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields. This is when shamanic, mystical, healing, and spiritual activity is the highest and most powerful.

Do not sit still and meditate on any of this. You want more than contemplation and imagination. You must embody the resonator’s vibrations and feel them pulsing in your body. As the intensity increases so should your existential space to assure that no kundalini fuses are blown. The latter occurs because the energy is held inside too small a container. Do not circulate vibratory energy inside yourself. Circulate yourself inside the divine circulatory system. As the existential space expands it also makes the sacred vibration hotter, eventually hot enough enough to spiritually cook you.

In the beginning of your reception and embodiment of the vibration, you re-establish the autoregulation of the biopsychic resonator. This is sometimes best done on the seiki bench where the body resets itself with spontaneous movement. Next tune your musical windpipe and ready it to sing the vibrations that get you on board a spiritual means of transportation. This is when you enter the praise house of sanctified songs and ‘doption. Continue the tuning until your body becomes a mystical keyboard played by the divine. Now you are in the Kalahari being sounded and moved by the gods, heated enough to pass on the sacred vibration to others. The latter takes place when you play their somatic keyboard while the sky gods and ancestors electrically and musically conduct the performance. If you are fortunate, you will be sent on a visionary journey to meet your maker, the pipemaker or engineer of your biopsychic resonator, and the grand tuner of all instruments. This is climbing the holy steps of ascending sacred vibrations, all interacting to make you a more indivisible part of the whole and holy.


Introducing the First Church of First Creation

It is time for a truly new age of healing and spiritual transformation that this time gets it right: go ahead and get a grip on the divine vine. As you climb, the rope becomes the resonating pipe; then it becomes the song, the pumped rhythm, the whole body keyboard, and then returns you back from where you came—a singular vibration of the almighty string between the root and crown of creation. Welcome to the First Church of First Creation. We are hunter-gatherers of n/om and care not where n/om is found, but appreciate that in its sharing we are made more whole. Past frozen words and names we aim to be spiritually cooked with a fire in our bones that dances and sings us before the Lord of all creation. Like a circus we move from place to place, always ready to be changed by the changing, never knowing beforehand how we will by guided by holy hands.

Sacred Ecstatics offers no pledge, creed, or demand of deed that surpasses the mystery of n/om. Here is simply found good spiritual engineering and ecstatic cheering for all that is truly endearing. Whatever your question, the answer always changes to sustain the sacred emotion that cultivates big wonder, mysterious excitement, and divine love. Resonate with the Big Holy and liberate yourself from small containment. Head to the deep blue sea and the deep blue sky, while never letting go of the rope tied to both what’s pumping from below and turning what’s above. Pray, drum, sing, and shake with the highest vibrations that are pulsed along the cord, no matter the discord or harmony that comes your way. Come along and join the First Creation circus and never leave home without n/om.

You must relearn what your oldest Bushman ancestors have never forgotten concerning the necessary basic tools of spirituality: n/om is the required vital force of life, the vibrating string to God is its main conduit, and a special kind of song wakes it up. With a singing n/om rope, all spiritual gifts, blessings, teaching, and cooking are able to flow. In the room that is big enough for this to happen, you may be taken anywhere in the spiritual universe, but especially to the places where people sing and shake themselves up and down the single stringed Pythagorean instrument of Creation.


The Flying Drum by Mark Bryan


Consider how the world’s oldest spiritual know-how had no need for talk or text. The Bushman traversed the whole mystical universe with nothing more than songs and embodied vibrations that could be shared in community. Let this be our main point of reference when discussing any spirituality. How does it access, activate, embody, and share the highest sacred vibrations? Or doesn’t it? Give me that old time vibration, or give me nothing at all! We are not saying, however, that the Bushmen had it all. Other ecstatic lineages added to our know-how, either with more empowered rhythms and songs (e.g., the drumming of the entire diaspora and sanctified gospel hymns), other practical means of resetting the vibrational field (e.g., seiki jutsu), and other means of striking the match that turns an unexpected jolt into a desired spiritual volt (e.g., the “gear shifts” delineated by Sacred Ecstatics). Above all else, Sacred Ecstatics is dedicated to rediscovering, inventing, and sharing the most powerful tools that bring the highest vibrations into action. Let us all become biopsychic resonating instruments—drums, flutes, trumpets, voices, and keyboards of n/om—that are played by the gods.

When people come to a Sacred Ecstatics intensive, they will likely find that their old habits of spiritual thought and practice don’t fit. We care not about what anyone believes or what names they have a preference for articulating. We also don’t care what practices they have mastered or how many songs they know. We only look to see whether there is any n/om. The most revolutionary, prophetic, and shocking news we bring is that practically all old or new age thought and practice associated with spirituality and religion is n/om-less. They are held in too small and too chilly of a container, and thus are incapable of setting your soul on fire.

Though the word “ecstatic” may be heard among the popular masses, we seldom see anything other than overly purposeful wild movement and noise of the unseemly kind. Ecstatic dancers and neo-shamans both lack n/om. They might offer a fun form of physical exercise and provide an opportunity to stretch the imagination, but neither has the capacity to ignite a true fire in the bones. The first thing we suggest to our students is to stop thinking, expressing, and practicing whatever is keeping them n/om-less. Stop everything and try doing the opposite, however that is defined. Do anything different to set in motion the kind of emotion that brings you closer to the Big Holy. You might need to be more absurd in a wisdom way, more creative in a mystical way, or more clear in a thoughtful manner, but above all else the room of your life must expand and heat, making enough space for you to experience the sacred vibrations underlying the earth and overseeing the sky.


Gospel N/om Songs

We can’t talk about n/om without discussing the songs that activate it. As we often say to our students, the old sanctified spirituals and gospel songs of the Black Church offer tremendous doses of n/om. Once you have an inner body pump and a main rope to God instilled, you will fully appreciate what a gift they are to spiritual cooking. Until you have had a personal encounter with n/om, you won’t know what it is to feel fully alive and own the love that even loves your enemy. You also won’t know how many of these old “Jesus songs” are packed with spiritual rocket sauce. We can tell how cooked a person is by their response to certain spiritual songs. If the Mississippi Mass Choir doesn’t shoot flames out of your bones, then you are still waiting to be rewired and remade for spiritual cooking, traveling, and transformation.

Sometimes when people are spiritually cold and have an aversion to a particular name, such as Jesus or God, they reject gospel music and thus miss out on that vast body of n/om songs. Sometimes you can help overcome the inflated importance given to beliefs or anti-beliefs and minimize any allergic reaction to a hallowed name by changing the words of a hymn. For example, we encourage newcomers with any name issues to sing the hot gospel song, “Oh How I Love Jesus” with these word alterations (in no particular order):

“Oh how I love Flipper (the dolphin friend of the sea)”

“Oh how I love Krishna”

“Oh how I love Mama”

“Oh how I love birdies”

“Oh how I love ice cream”

As you push a name you are allergic to into absurdity by replacing it with a wide range of changing trickster names, it helps you catch a bit of the rhythm and n/om it holds, especially when others who truly feel the song are singing it. One day, with sufficient heat, you won’t have any trouble singing the original lyric with its choice of hallowed name.

One of the great contributions of Sacred Ecstatics is how it can discern whether any spiritual tradition has songs, prayers, and dances with n/om. Here the n/om rather than any literal belief or cultural preference is what attracts attention. Hunt n/om and you might find it played on a sitar in India, a saxophone in New York City, a guitar in the Mississippi Delta, a trumpet in New Orleans, a piano in Budapest, or sung by a bird in the Amazon. The extent to which you are spiritually cooked determines the extent to which names do not matter. Only n/om matters. At the same time, when there is n/om associated with a certain name or lyric, then the latter opens a formerly hidden truth you couldn’t access in the cold. This is how mystery works. Get out of the quicksand of names and hunt for n/om. It will thaw you and make you more real and ready for the big mystery love show. It will also open your mind and help you find that God is the source of all n/om.


Hoodoo Mind Spa

We envision a new kind of n/om-kxao working in a big room venue where First Creation changing is in charge. As a well-tuned and fired up biopsychic resonator, we work with other resonators in need of attunement, readying them to become instruments for divine play in the music hall of the Lord. Moving from pipe to drum to keyboard, all ten fingers and ten toes make music and dance. Any and all tools of vibration are nearby, not as separate treatments, but as a part of the feedback loop, the circle of healing that enables Beethoven and Tesla as well as Charles Henry and Marion Williams to offer a healing hand. As our resonance melts into a sympathetic resonance with the body of Earth and the higher mind of Heaven, we become vibrations of eternity rather than prisoners of a soundproof, clogged bottle. As mystics, shamans, healers, and saints of old sing and dance, we bring forth the everlasting community that truly communes with the gods of creation. In all of this we pray, “Thy will be done and sung!”

Join us as Charles Henry returns and finds what was missing in his laboratory at the Sorbonne in Paris. He needed to turn up the spiritual temperature to bring down the musical string with all its songs and fanfare. To activate the climb to maximal excitation and mystical bliss, we need all the n/om songs from George Gershwin and Cole Porter to gospel hymns, Middle Eastern chants, and Cuban drumming. Bring on the Tesla coils, the multiwave oscillators, the exotic scents, the theatre lights, the big and the little drums, all the dancing fingers, and all the singing toes. Let’s embrace everything that can charge the resonator and carry the n/om. Welcome once again your entry to the Life Force Theatre, the performance ground of Sacred Ecstatics. Move from seiki bench to praise house to shaking dance ground and make room for the shamanic cabaret of mystical-musical lights, the big top holy ghost circus and fireworks show, and the experimental laboratory where God throws you onto the high wire fire as you are simultaneously dipped into the deep water of First Creation. Take a plunge into the hoodoo mind spa, the Charles Henry hot bath that heats up your biopsychic resonator, and the sacred well beneath the earth that shoots you to the moon where there is room for all that is below and above. As the names change, one indescribable truth prevails—we belong to the forever changing First Church of First Creation.

– The Keeneys, May 17, 2017

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