Sing Your Prayers

A Spiritual Classroom Report

Last night I decided to pray only with a singing voice. I heartily sang all my prayers to God. Later, at 4am, I heard a voice say in dream, “Sing in order to ring a prayer.” It woke me up and I was pleased and tickled that I had dreamed words that were a response to how I had prayed. I then sang my prayers again, this time with even more variation of tone and rhythm. I included a sung prayer request for Hillary and I to be led wherever our work with Sacred Ecstatics should be housed.

I fell back to sleep and was sent to a spiritual classroom. In the dream, Hillary and I were shown a physical place to house our work. What was most striking were the floors—they were so beautiful that we couldn’t take our eyes off them. They were refinished old wood floors and their splendor powerfully mesmerized us. In fact, the floors were so incredibly gorgeous that we didn’t even look at the rest of the house. As we stood on the wooden planks, someone handed me a beautiful piece of amber that was shaped as a small train locomotive about ten inches in length and five inches wide. Inside the amber were around four or five different kinds of seeds, perfectly preserved from the past. I realize now that this object indicates the spiritual train, the ecstatic means of transportation that is created by blending the ingredients—seeds from long ago lineages of ecstatic wisdom.

Hillary and I then said to each other at the same time, “We must live here because the floor is so beautiful.” The wood looked like it had been installed in the 1880s or 1890s. We started to laugh because we had no clue as to our geographical whereabouts in city, nation, or continent. The dazzling floors were all we needed to make the decision to live there. At the moment of decision, a large piece of paper, like a screen from above, dropped in front of our eyes and these words were written and heard spoken: ORATIO MUSICA.


Oratio is Latin for making a prayer and musica of course refers to music. We found the manor we were looking for by praying in a musical manner. Sacred music, the sound of cooked hallowed prayer words, establishes sacred ground for your life no matter where in the geographical world you are located. If the spiritual ground upon which you live is holy and beautiful, this is all that matters. From a sacred musical foundation, prayer-songs soar as rhythm leaps across every trickster schism dividing heaven and earth, every here from there, and each of you from everyone and everything else. We invite you to pray with ecstatic musicality rather than cling to any static understanding of spirituality. Sung prayers carry the divine resonance found in all instruments of creation from ringing rocks to clinking stones and even grand piano tones. When you sing your prayers you, too, become an instrument of creation through which divine music can ring and wing you all the way home.

-Brad Keeney with Hillary Keeney. October 10, 2017

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