Ropes, Wings, and Jesus

A Spiritual Classroom Report.


Brad received this vision a couple of years ago. It was first reported in our book, Climbing the Rope to God, and it’s one of my favorites.

I went to a visionary classroom with Hillary last night. We were taken to a religious liberal arts college. A woman guide arrived and said she wanted to show us something very special—relics recently collected and secretly put on display. She then mentioned that they were held in the Department of Literature. The campus was built on a hill, and the building she took us to was very tall and made of red bricks. Inside was a gigantic room with a ceiling higher than a cathedral. A long bar was suspended high in the air and ran from one side of the room to the other. It was holding what the guide said were the oldest representations of Jesus. Two wealthy benefactors, an older couple we later met on the tour, had made it possible for the college to acquire these sacred objects.

When we looked up, we saw that the right side of the bar held a collection of extraordinary ropes hanging from it. Each rope was one of a kind and had its own uniquely crafted small wings attached to it. The display was incredibly beautiful. It was clear that the wings were artistic masterpieces and that the ropes were not ordinary ropes, but something as holy as could be imagined, something not of this earth.

The guide then insisted that we see the main relic, the largest one that they considered the primary work. It was held in the campus chapel. When we went into that building, it too had an extremely high ceiling. Someone mentioned that the ceiling was higher than the building itself. There the primary work of art was a rope suspended over the altar. Unfortunately the rope was hanging horizontally as it appeared one end had been yanked to the left and was snagged and entangled on a man made hook. A tall man wearing a tan-colored work uniform walked down the aisle and climbed a ladder on the side to grab hold of the rope. He started pulling on it and rocking it back and forth. The rocking motion seemed to rock the whole church and the earth as well.

His action finally freed the rope and it dropped into its right position, hanging vertically, as straight as can be. This was the largest rope we had ever seen in our lives. Its diameter was enormous. The longer you stared at it, the larger it seemed to become until you couldn’t bear to stare at it any more. It made you weak in the knees to look at it. We finally noticed that the bottom of the rope was frayed and we could see many fibers and strands, or smaller ropes held inside it. These were individual ropes to God and they were now ready to be used again. The music began inside of me and I woke up hearing holy songs playing one after another throughout the rest of the night.

There is a unique mystical rope for each human being and it is born of the original mainline rope to God, the link to the big room of mystery. The individual ropes hang in the house of literature where they are surrounded by the timeless stories and testimonies told by the anointed ones. The main rope itself resides inside a sacred place where former attendants allowed it to become bent to the left, hung on a man made hook. It has now been let down and is a straight line waiting to grab hold of you. Shake the churches, shake the synagogues, shake the temples, shake the ashrams, and shake every ceremonial place, space, and ground so all the ropes will be straight again. Hold on to your rope with all your life because its wings will carry you home.

-The Keeneys, December 24, 2017.

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