Introducing our New Book: The Spiritual Engineering of Sacred Ecstasy

We are excited to announce the third book in our Sacred Ecstatics series is now available in both Kindle and paperback! We started writing it in spring 2017 after Brad received several visionary dreams in a row pointing us back to the work of the late Charles Henry, the sensory physiologist at the Sorbonne university in Paris whose work Brad studied many years earlier. Read more about Charles Henry and the visions here.


Charles Henry circa 1905


Our main goal when writing this book was to “reverse engineer” sacred ecstatic experience so that sincere seekers from any spiritual tradition can open the door to an ecstatically charged spiritual life. The book initially gets you working with the essential “ingredients” of sacred ecstasy—fascinating rhythm, spontaneous movement, tonal alignment, and sacred emotion. You are next introduced to the required but typically overlooked art of ecstatically turning a mystical prayer wheel. This enables the heartfelt reception and soulful expression of sacred song, the triggering of sanctified shaking, the activation of an inner rhythm machine, the release of spontaneous ecstatic healing, and more. Rather than offer reductionist techniques that dilute the sacred, the tools in this book invite you to plunge more deeply into divine mystery, empower your hookup to God, and set your soul on fire.

The spiritual engineering practices in this book have had an incredible impact on our lives and the lives the students in our mentorship program. This coming mentorship year (fall 2018 to spring 2019) we will delve even deeper into our collective experimentation with the pragmatics underlying sacred ecstasy, or what the Bushmen call “getting spiritually cooked.”

-The Keeneys

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