An amazing, blazing combination of spirited ceremony, tent revival, shamanic cabaret, and life force theatre. With soulfully improvised music from Brad’s keyboard and spiritually charged movement led by Hillary, you are taken on a wild journey to mystery. Here your heart is lifted by ecstatic elation, your body electrified by sacred vibration, your mind illumined, and your soul set ablaze. Together we join the old school mystics, saints, healers, fire-throwing preachers, crazy wisdom teachers, and real-deal shamans—the original keepers of untamed, fully flamed sacred ecstasy.



Every intensive is an improvised, unpredictable creation where diverse ecstatic venues come to life under the vast canopy of Sacred Ecstatics. We may ecstatically travel to the Kalahari dance ground, the Japanese seiki bench, the Caribbean praise house, the higher latitude shaman’s tent, the absurd attitude life force theatre, the Broadway mystical musical show-and-glow, or the wild and crazy laboratory that dares to experiment with all your senses, fences, and tenses. Get ready to raise the curtain, turn on the lights, start the music, and step onto the Sacred Ecstatics stage with room for
every historical age and wisdom sage.

As Time magazine described this experience, “It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s being fully alive.”

"This work marks the beginning of an awakening of the universal life force that is accessible to everyone. It is time for each of us to become acquainted with this energizing force and bring it into our daily life. I personally experienced the Keeneys’ work and believe it is the most direct path to healing and spiritual growth."


Featured in Dr. Andrew Weil's book, Spontaneous Healing

"The implications of this work are staggering."


"Go experience this – it moved my music and I wrote a song about it! It can move your life!"


Grammy Award-winning musician

“Brad and Hillary Keeney are authentic healers who transmit the energetic life force."


Chief of community mental health at Gesundheit! Institute and author of The Dancing Healers

Intensives are offered in the United States as part of our mentorship program, and also held at various locations around the world.
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