Every Time We Say Goodbye

We consider Cole Porter to be one of the great shamanic song-catchers of our time. Recently one of his songs came to us through vision. Here is Brad’s account:

Hillary and I were sitting in a cafe when a song came into the room. It was so beautiful that we stopped talking and went into an ecstatic state of awe. The song absorbed all our attention and time literally stopped. I eventually came out of the trance and said to Hillary, “What an amazing song.” She responded in kind. Then we noticed it was happening to everyone in the cafe. Every person was falling into an ecstatic state of awe. Even the waitress abruptly stopped in the middle of the room and stood with a gaze of delight. When she came to, she said the same thing, “What an amazing song!”

Love brings the ultimate joy of togetherness that also carries with it the eventual heartbreak of separation. Whether it is your relationship with the people you love or your relationship with God, there is a constant bittersweet movement between coming together and pulling apart. Remember that the universe and everything inside it, including you, is a breathing song. The constant change from major to minor and back again, though strange, is the music of sacred change.

Here is the song that stopped our hearts:


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