August 11, 2018

Follow the Glowing Red Antlers: Re-Encountering Shamanism

The gods have a sense of humor. Brad was recently taken to a spiritual classroom in which he was unambiguously reintroduced to a word that we had just wiped clean from our website (due to its connotative baggage). Here is our report: I dreamed of arriving at a gigantic hotel complex with multiple towers and... Read On
July 31, 2018

Waltzing into Ecstasy: Turning the Prayer Wheel in Mystical Vienna

by Bradford & Hillary von Keeney. Brad was recently taken in vision to a spiritual classroom in Vienna where he was shown a new way to turn the mystical prayer wheel (for more on that, see our latest book). The dream came just as we were considering taking a short trip to Vienna to honor... Read On
June 16, 2018

What Jesus Has In Common with the Dung Beetle: Things You Learn from Dreaming in New Orleans

This third essay in our series, First Creation Dreaming, begins with a discussion of how African ecstatic spirituality can help you experience Jesus’ love message. It concludes with the long-forgotten story of how Jesus the African healer encountered a dung beetle who helped St. Augustine convert to Christianity, which has everything to do with why... Read On
June 7, 2018

Breaking Free and Breaking a Leg: Nirvana is a Life Force Theatre

This essay is the second in the series, First Creation Dreaming. After asking for help from Charles Henry via the dream phone line, Brad’s nightly experiences were altered. He continued having more dreams that were syncretic combinations of different people, places, cultures, and wisdom traditions. Two weeks after dreaming of the old medicine man,... Read On
May 17, 2018

“I Will Introduce You to the Other Side”

On the evening of March 14, 2018, Brad prayed for help with what we call our “Charles Henry project.” The project began one year earlier in 2017 with dreams about Henry’s laboratory research in Paris at the Sorbonne in the 1890s. Based in part on Henry’s work we were inspired to invent what we... Read On


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