Mystical Maps and Following Tracks: A Visionary Report

Hillary and I long ago committed our lives to being steered by holy guidance. Our experiments with spiritual cooking—the art and practical know-how of Sacred Ecstatics—kicked opened the door to mystical dreams in such a powerful way that it completely startled us and assured we’d never turn back. These visions delivered many unexpected teachings and gifts, including the rediscovery of historically forgotten spiritual texts, songs, symbols, and practices (for a report on these visions see our book, Climbing the Rope to God).

We have been searching for a place to physically house our mystically oriented teaching for a long time now. We often do so with trepidation, feeling as much hesitation being around spiritually frozen new age towns as we do landing in chilly Bible belt outposts. We have refused to settle anywhere unless we feel certain that it has been spiritually ordained. Over the years we were blessed with numerous dreams that showed us places to explore, from Mexico to California, New York, North Carolina, Mississippi, Eureka Springs, Hot Springs, Chesapeake Bay, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Bisbee, and elsewhere. Our time in each of these places brought a valuable spiritual lesson.



Recently we received another series of visions that delivered new teachings on what we call the “spiritual engineering” of sacred ecstasy. These dreams resulted in our creation of the Sacred Ecstatics Workout, a daily practice of the specific skills needed to spiritually cook. Inspired by these visionary downloads, we also fine-tuned our website and mentorship program and stepped up the search for where and how to geographically locate our work.

Last night I strongly prayed for help and asked for guidance, this time doing so with different and more direct words than I had used before: “Dear Lord, tell us what you want and where you want us to go. Guide us and show us the way. Tell Hillary tonight, Lord. Or tell me if you want. Tell both of us, but I especially ask that you guide Hillary and lead us in this work we are doing for you. Please, Lord, tell Hillary tonight for we are tired and weary and in immediate need of being led.”


Receiving a New Way to Pray

I later had a dream and could not remember the details, other than I witnessed more about how to teach students the spiritual engineering behind sacred ecstasy. These dreams have been taking place for several months now, but last night I was shown an introduction on how to start “putting the pieces together” so it all comes alive for the practitioner.

I woke up doing what I was shown in the dream—praying in a new and elevated way. As I tried out this alternative way of praying, I felt we had found the ultimate way to make prayer come alive. It involves combining different aspects of the Sacred Ecstatics Workout—introducing fascinating rhythms, spontaneous seiki movement, and body tuning. I felt excited to begin experimenting with this new way of praying in our mentorship program.


Hillary Receives Visionary Guidance

Some time later just before dawn Hillary woke up and said to me, “I had a dream last night.” Here is her report:

I dreamed that Brad and I were on a long road trip, traveling by car with people from the mentorship program. Brad sat in the passenger’s seat and I sat right behind him. Different people took turns driving as Brad and I navigated the way. At one point my late father was behind the steering wheel. I felt the presence of everyone we have ever mentored riding along with us, though in real life it would be impossible for us all to fit in a four-door sedan!

It was nighttime, and I knew that we had been up all night driving and still had a long journey ahead. The trip felt important and we all carried a sense of urgency and certainty about it, though the exact destination was never spoken or named. I was holding a “map” comprised of many pages of printed sheets stapled together in the corner. We had compiled this map before leaving home. Some pages had directions in words; other pages only contained a picture.

We were discussing in the car which way to turn next, turning up and down different streets. At one point we passed a woman who was lost, driving in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic. Then I looked up and saw in the distance a long, high bridge with a train on it that crossed over the river and the rest of the city. It was a beautiful sight to behold! The highway ran along side the train tracks over the bridge. I looked down at my map and saw a picture of that same train on the bridge and said as I pointed, “That way—we need to be on that track.” Suddenly I realized that my map didn’t go further than that page and I was worried I had forgotten to print the rest of the map. I looked up, however, and saw that Brad was holding the other half of the map, which began where my map ended. Then dawn broke and someone remarked how strange it was because it was only 2:30am. We drove onto that bridge and proceeded on our way.



Along the journey we had been stopping at various churches. With the car running I would run into the church lobby and collect materials and print more pages for the map. This time we pulled up to a church that I knew was some type of charismatic church whose congregation was both black and white. A woman greeted me in the lobby and pointed me to the kiosk that held prayer books and other pamphlets about the church. I looked down and saw two black leather-bound books. The first one was a collection of prayers entitled, “The Pinnacle Prayer Book.” Underneath the title it had an embossed picture of a child praying. I couldn’t wait to tell Brad about this prayer book because I knew he would be very excited. The next book was titled, “Instructions on How to Reach the Pinnacle Spiritual Experience.” I picked up these books to take with us as I waited for the printer in the lobby to print out more pages for our maps.

As the pages were printing I looked out the front windows of the church and saw everyone was waiting patiently in the car outside for me to return, their gaze turned toward the church doors. I noticed that one of our mentorship students, Lance, was now in the driver’s seat. He looked fully attentive and focused on his task. I felt comforted and supported at the sight of him ably serving his turn as a driver on this important mission.

Upon returning to the car I woke up from the dream, filled with amazement, hope, and new inspiration. I was flooded with the realization that this is not a trip we can make alone—it requires us to share the burden of driving and navigation, helping each other stay awake and alert all night and into the wee hours of the morning. Though this journey toward the pinnacle spiritual experience is long and it is easy to get lost, I knew that we were being guided by the wisdom of other travelers who left maps, directions, and anointed instruction manuals along the way.

Let us head together straight for those tracks over yonder! That train is bound for glory!

When Hillary told me what she had dreamed, I was filled with tears because my prayers were answered. She had received guidance and we both had been given pieces of the map that would take us to our next destination on this beautiful journey without end. I am struck by the fact that she discovered the manual about the pinnacle prayer while I was dreaming it and woke up trying this new way of praying. All we could say to one another was, “God is good. Thank you!”



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