Don’t Forget Your Special Flashlight

This prescription is an excerpt from our newest book, Sacred Ecstatics: The Recipe for Setting Your Soul on Fire.

Don’t forget your special flashlight, the one that has these words written on it: “I am the light of the world.” If you don’t have a small flashlight yet, then immediately go get one and make it ready. This flashlight is to remain with you always. If it ever voluntarily or involuntarily retires, replace it so you are never left alone without a light. This light is not only available to help remind you of the holy light, it also stands ready to help prepare you to bring more light into the world.

Be on the lookout for at least one moment each day when you will shine its light on something. If you find yourself talking to someone about the Divine, then consider flashing the light on his or her face. Explain that this is a reminder that there is a “divine light of the world.” Be prepared to shine it on a word in a book, a flower that has recently blossomed, an acorn that previously fell, an image that inspires, a radio playing a heartwarming song, even a single letter on your computer keyboard. You are being asked to shine this light in the world at least once a day.


The more surprised you are by what you choose to illuminate, the better. Perhaps you will go to a fruit stand and shine the light on a peach. Or to a toy store and illumine the nose of a teddy bear. Have you considered lighting up a piece of chocolate cake, a fountain pen, or the stem of an apple? How about illumining a church pew or some sage ready to be burned at a ceremony? Lighting a special number? Will you light the number 5 five times or once? Consider aiming that light on a doorknob, drop of wine, pie crumb, cloud, or star. How about the sole of your shoe, the underside of your shirt collar, the hole in your belt buckle, or the center of your belly button? Open your wallet and let it shine or place it into your purse as it shines inside. Spread the light onto a peanut and then shine it on some peanut butter. Write the word shine and then light it up. Do the same for the words light and illumine, and God. Beam the light upon your signature. Light up the day and the night. Wake up at 3:00 a.m. and light up the top of your head and the center of your chest. Step into the light, jump on it, leap over it, and lie under it. Shine it everywhere.

Do not ask why the world needs more of your light. Simply carry the light and bring more light into the world. Changes will emerge. Don’t forget to light them when they arrive. The time will come when you will dream of the light. You must first share enough light in order to receive it in a holy place. Never stop. In this way you become the light, the one who surprises others, trips them with delight, as they for the very first time see what it is to unexpectedly meet the light.


Our friends at Spirituality and Practice have put this prescription into a slideshow! Find it here!

– The Keeneys February 17, 2016

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