The First Dance (Includes Interviews)

“It’s what the world most deeply wants, but doesn’t know it. If people were touched by this spiritual current there would be no hostility. It fills the heart with such great joy. You can live like this in greater happiness than any billionaire ever has. This is absolutely the greatest secret, greatest wisdom, and greatest bliss. The Bushman doctors say that we shouldn’t try to heal someone whose heart is closed. For any healing to take place ‘we must become one heart’ and let the rapture and ecstasy of that shake us to the core of our being.” – Bradford Keeney

Though I like to tease Brad about the shot of him emerging from the brush, in all seriousness this video is rare and special footage of the Bushman dance, the oldest living healing tradition in the world. We all trace our ancestry to the cradle of Southern Africa. The video includes interviews with Bushman doctors. Please enjoy!

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