Private Sessions

There is no session quite like a Sacred Ecstatics session—here improvised action spiritually cooks you and your whole reality. Fueled by the sacred vibration and guided by the mystical rope, we welcome whatever the divine source and force has in store for you.

That’s why each session is a unique experience every time.

What can happen in a session? Surprising metaphors and unexpected creative themes for your life may arise, as well as spontaneous rhyme, syncopated rhythm, evocative sound, magical song, mystical movement, vibrational touch, or a newborn spiritual ritual.

As conductors (we prefer this name over “healer,” “shaman,” “medicine person,” or “spiritual coach”), we emphasize tracking divine mystery wherever it may be found, whether it’s in a forgotten joy, a repressed miracle from your past, or in an unexpected here-and-now ecstatic blast. As you are brought closer to the big room of mystery and all the creative change it exudes, the session comes to life and spiritually cooks.

"I felt trembling power pass through me . . . I was transported to the Kalahari as truly as if I had opened my eyes and found myself physically there."


Author of The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing

"I felt irradiated light inside my head."


President, International Holistic University of Brasília

"Thank you again for the gift of your extraordinary spirit/energy! Your connection is so genuine and rooted that is a pleasure and a reward to have experienced it."


Artistic Director, Archipelago Theatre; faculty, Theatre Studies, Duke University; and faculty, American Dance Festival

“This work takes you straight to the core."


Renowned physician and a founder of craniosacral therapy

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Currently our virtual session practice is full. We are available to see a limited number of face-to-face clients.

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The Keeneys are internationally renowned for their remarkable private sessions. Major leaders of healing and therapy have praised Drs. Brad and Hillary Keeney as leading master practitioners of our time. They are the authors of numerous classics in therapy, the recipients of various professional awards, and the founders and directors of several clinical doctoral programs. In addition, they are the authorized custodians of the Japanese energy medicine tradition of seiki jutsu and are recognized as healers in numerous traditions, especially that of the Kalahari Bushmen. They have conducted healing sessions in prestigious clinics, institutes, and universities throughout the world. Most importantly, the Keeneys serve awakening and nurturing your relationship to the sacred, the most profound and powerful means of deep transformation.

Hands-on non-subtle energy medicine takes place while clients are fully clothed. The services and products mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or to serve as a substitute for current or recommended medical care.