Our Story

What happens when a Zen Buddhist who dances at salsa clubs meets a jazz pianist who shakes with shamans, healers, and mystics throughout the world? In the case of Hillary and Brad Keeney, they found that whether dancing in the streets, shouting and singing with joy, or trembling, quaking, and shaking in rapture, human beings most deeply thirst for divinely inspired ecstatic experience.

The Keeneys discovered that Kalahari Bushman dancing healers, ancient Japanese life force masters, shakers and quakers of diverse religions, old school sanctified worshippers, spirit-intoxicated mystics, and singing shamans share an underlying spiritual know-how and wisdom that are missing in today’s world. They all awaken a “fire in the bones” that results in extraordinary healing, mystical experience, and supreme bliss.

Brad and Hillary became internationally celebrated for exploring how this way of ecstatic transformation can be brought to contemporary times. They experimented in every kind of venue you can think of including theatres, classrooms, clinics, temples, cathedrals, and even an old shotgun house in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Then something extraordinary and unexpected happened.

Sacred Ecstatics

The Recipe for Setting Your Soul on Fire

An invitation to dance in the footsteps of the saints, shamans, and mystics of old whose souls were on fire with divine love.


After retiring as university professors, the Keeneys received a remarkable series of visions every night for over six months. They realized it was time to teach what they call Sacred Ecstatics, the practical know-how behind the oldest and most powerful experience of spirituality. This is the recipe for setting your soul on fire.

With over 40 published books and widespread acclaim for their teaching and healing, Hillary and Brad Keeney have touched the hearts and changed the lives of students, clients, professionals, and general audiences throughout the world. Renowned physician, Dr. Robert Fulford, called the Keeneys’ revolutionary work “the most direct path to healing and spiritual growth.”

Announcement! Our collection of visions has just been published as a book, Climbing the Rope to God.