Mentorship Program

Whether you are longing for divine connection, hunting for a greater purpose, or are a healing practitioner who wants to spiritually ignite your practice, we lead you straight to the most important step in fulfilling your life and mission: setting your soul on fire.

We teach in the old school way by emphasizing the practical know-how and essential ingredients behind this ultimate ecstatic transformation:

A rope to God

Experience a connection to the highest source that spiritually empowers your life, what the Kalahari Bushmen call a “rope to God.” This divine hookup is the foundation of all ecstatic spiritual work from healing to mystical experience and whole life transformation.

The sacred vibration

Discover the master key to ongoing attunement, boundless energy, and heightened performance. Whether called the amplified universal life force, seiki, n/om, Holy Spirit, or some other name, you must be frequently charged with this sacred vibration for enhanced daily living.

Spiritual heat

Through embodied rhythm, music, and movement you are brought inside the ecstatic fire. This is what strengthens your rope to God, fills you with sacred vibration, and makes you an instrument for spirited action.

Creative chops for ecstatic living

When you have been “spiritually cooked” you will find that creative expression spontaneously arises. Discover or renew your natural gifts and welcome the creative flow that brings never-ending surprise and growth.

"I, Ikuko Osumi, have chosen Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., as my successor and entrust to him the role of representing and overseeing the teaching of seiki jutsu as well as the transmission of seiki to others."


Japanese master of seiki jutsu

"We regard Bradford Keeney as one of our own strongest doctors and grant our blessing for him and his wife, Hillary, to teach our traditional ways of spiritual healing."


Ju/’hoan Bushman elder

"We thank the Keeneys for their way of tapping into the Dreaming that brings creativity to spirituality and healing. We love the direction of this teaching!"


Developers of "process oriented psychology" and authors of Riding the Horse Backwards

"I honor and celebrate the way the Keeneys are opening our hearts to healing ways! Their work is a wonderful teaching and blessing."


Traditional healer, Founding Director, Institute for Natural and Traditional Medicine, member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

"The Keeneys are authentic traditional healers who deliver uncommon spiritual medicine for anyone interested in the art of change."


Former Science Editor of Smithsonian Magazine

Being Mentored by the Keeneys

We are uncompromisingly serious about helping people leave the limitations of uninspired spirituality behind – including watered down imitations of shamanism, non-energetic energy medicine, and the endless head trips of self-help psychology or deadbeat spiritual practice. We help you aim for the highest ecstatic transformation of your life and work.

Program Structure

The next program will begin in 2018.

Details and Application Information

Information about the next mentorship program in Sacred Ecstatics will be posted in fall 2017. To make sure you receive all announcements, please subscribe to our mailing list!

Why this program is unique

Go Beyond Mere Knowledge and Method
The utmost spiritual experience requires going further than contemplation, intention, and practice. You must surrender to a greater mystical wisdom that prepares your heart to be touched and pierced by the holiest love. Learn how to truly become an empty vessel for divine mystery to work through you.

Authentic Mystical Experience and Visionary Guidance
True spiritual vision cannot take place through daydream fantasy or simple trance induction. In order to have authentic access to the highest spiritual journeys, enter the spiritual heat and become supercharged with sacred vibration.

Bringing Traditional Wisdom to Modern Times
Our mentorship program is inspired by the lineages we have been entrusted to teach, including the Bushman means of ecstatic transformation, seiki jutsu – the Japanese art of working with non-subtle energy, and the teachings of other ecstatic shaking traditions including the Shakers of the Caribbean. Discover what is missing in most contemporary spiritual teaching: divinely inspired spiritual heat, fully awakened sacred vibration, a rope to God, and limitless creativity.