Mentorship Program

The Sacred Ecstatics Mentorship Program is a one-of-a-kind school of ecstatic spirituality that teaches the practical know-how behind full-blown mysticism, healing, and shamanism. We mentor people who truly long for soul-igniting contact and union with the divine—the ultimate ecstatic experience that delivers authentic spiritual gifts, pure sacred power, old school mystical traveling, and extraordinary infinite joy.

You will be mentored in the exhilarating practices and initiatory experiences that lead to an ecstatic mystical life that is spiritually on fire. These include:

Turning Up the Spiritual Heat

What makes Sacred Ecstatics stand apart is its spiritual heat, an unfamiliar experience to those taught to remain spiritually calm and cool. We bring back what ecstasy used to mean: the sizzling rapturous bliss that trembles and shakes the body. Spiritual heat enables the divine to surpass being a word game and become a physically experienced flame.

Installing the Sacred Vibration

This should be the most emphasized outcome of spirituality, yet it is absent from virtually every contemporary teaching and practice. The sacred vibration is the true mark of authentic initiation—it takes up residence in the body as a non-subtle force that is both physically and emotionally felt. Also called n/om by the Kalahari Bushmen, seiki by the Japanese tradition of seiki jutsu, and holy ghost power by the sanctified church, it is the dynamic behind mystical phenomena, ecstatic bliss, spiritual healing, and all varieties of religious experience.

Receiving Your Rope to God

You need a strong experiential connection to higher power in order to receive the sacred vibration and set your soul on fire. This divine hookup is the power line for sacred energy, the telephone line for mystical communication, the song line for holy music, the pipeline for spiritual gifts, and the mainline highway for visionary travel. The mystical rope – what the Kalahari Bushmen call a “rope to God” – provides a heart-to-heart relationship with your creator. It’s your true north and go to source.

Spiritual Cooking

This is where the extraordinary art of working with the three-step Sacred Ecstatics recipe comes alive. You’ll learn how to use unique ecstatic practices that light a spiritual fire and keep it burning. Getting spiritually cooked leads to all the extraordinary initiatory experiences as well as your subsequent ongoing renewal. Here you make contact with the sacred vibration, receive your rope, are spiritually rewired, and continuously recharged.

Visiting the Spiritual Classrooms

Spiritually ignited dreaming sends you to the “spiritual classrooms” for advanced instruction and guidance. Hillary and Brad are well-seasoned mystical travelers who dream in these classrooms as a means of bringing down new teachings – this drives the ongoing evolution of Sacred Ecstatics. We introduce you to the old school way of mystical traveling that emphasizes sacred emotion, song, and vibratory attunement rather than symbolic image, interpreted thought, and psychological insight. The higher the journey, the more you cook than look.

"I, Ikuko Osumi, have chosen Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., as my successor and entrust to him the role of representing and overseeing the teaching of seiki jutsu as well as the transmission of seiki to others."


Japanese master of seiki jutsu

"We regard Bradford Keeney as one of our own strongest doctors and grant our blessing for him and his wife, Hillary, to teach our traditional ways of spiritual healing."


Ju/’hoan Bushman elder

"We thank the Keeneys for their way of tapping into the Dreaming that brings creativity to spirituality and healing. We love the direction of this teaching!"


Developers of "process oriented psychology" and authors of Riding the Horse Backwards

"I honor and celebrate the way the Keeneys are opening our hearts to healing ways! Their work is a wonderful teaching and blessing."


Traditional healer, Founding Director, Institute for Natural and Traditional Medicine, member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

"The Keeneys are authentic traditional healers who deliver uncommon spiritual medicine for anyone interested in the art of change."


Former Science Editor of Smithsonian Magazine

Sacred Ecstatics teaches you to ecstatically improvise rather than statically memorize. There are no institutionalized rituals, fixed methods, or rote practices because the sacred always brings the creative force of change. You can never predict what a spiritually cooked mystic, shaman, or healer will say or do because a divine higher power is in charge. Experience the spiritual revolution whose mystical wheel keeps turning.

When you join the mentorship program you become part of a longstanding underground movement devoted to the exploration of higher mystery that makes spiritual history. We seek to mentor bona fide mystics, saints, shamans, healers, and spiritual practitioners for our time. Sacred Ecstatics prioritizes the hunt for the sacred vibration and being spiritually on fire. Our teaching serves high mysticism, pervasive creativity, hilarious absurdity, and radically clear thought, all required for the heartfelt melt into ineffable joy.

Program Structure

Note: Due to high demand we have decided to open a second mentorship program that begins November 2018! The first program that begins in October is already full. The description below applies to the second mentorship program which begins in November 2018. The upcoming program cycle includes attendance at two intensives, two private sessions, five webinars with live Q&A, one personal musical audio recording, and a series of six musical podcasts with live Q&A. Online events, private sessions, and the intensives are all led by Brad and Hillary.


The mentorship program begins and ends with your attendance at these unique ecstatic gatherings, held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here you join others in setting an ecstatic fire that spiritually cooks everyone.  For a description of the intensives, go here.

Private Sessions:

We are well known for our life-changing sessions that go far beyond the boundaries of familiar kinds of mentoring or coaching. Each session has what makes Sacred Ecstatics unique and special—an infusion of the mysterious sacred vibration required to anoint and empower creative change. You are also given one-of-a-kind mystical prescriptions for action that exercise and strengthen your mystical rope in your everyday. Private sessions are conducted virtually (in-person can be arranged when possible). For more info, go here.


We teach you the simple yet powerful skills and daily practices required for the induction and conduction of ecstatic experience. Through interactive webinars with live Q&A you learn how to gather the ingredients required for spiritual cooking—a fascinating rhythm, spontaneous body movement, tonal alignment, and infusion of sacred emotion. This “home workout” then familiarizes you with the actual operations of Sacred Ecstatics—use of a mystical prayer wheel, the reception and expression of sacred song, the triggering of sanctified shaking, activation of an inner rhythm machine, release of automatic ecstatic healing, and more. All webinars are recorded in case you miss the live session.

Personal Audio Recordings:

These personalized recordings have proven so popular, we decided to include them in our mentorship program! We take the unique themes of your life that arise in our sessions and transform them into personalized musical productions that you can listen to again and again.


Our podcasts are highly engaging, uncommonly creative, and full of surprise. There is no canned lecture or boring recycled material—everything is improvised in the moment and charged with the sacred vibration. With music, percussion, spirit-led story telling, ecstatically hot journeying, and mystical ways of transmitting sound that awaken a spiritual shake, we all cook together online. All podcasts are recorded in case you miss the live session.


Details and Application Information

The number of admitted students is limited to assure the highest quality of “ecstatic learning and burning.” To be considered for participation in the program, please submit this very brief application. Program tuition is $3,600 (excludes lodging, meals, and transportation).