Listening With Your “Third Ear”

As the World Tree stands at the center of the vast planes of the cosmos, song stands at the intimate center of the cosmos of the individual. At that moment when the shaman song emerges, when the sacred breath rises up from the depths of the heart, the center is found, and the source of all that is divine has been tapped.

– Joan Halifax, Shamanic Voices

Whether you know it or not, you need a song. If you feel lost, stuck, lifeless, or listless, or are just longing to feel closer to the sacred, you need a song. Not just any song, but one that pierces your spiritual heart. Only a potent song like this can carry you across troubled waters and wrap your heart in divine embrace.

Most of the holiest songs from all religions – whether they are medicine songs, chants, or hymns – came down through visionary experience. When heard or sung from the heart they experientially bring us back inside the sacred mystery from which they came. These songs are a lifeline, rope, and track to God. Find your way to these songs and you find your way home.

Think you don’t need a song but can rely on an attitude adjustment, flash of insight, energy clearings, inspirational refrigerator magnets, hot yoga, talk therapy, workshop techniques, NLP, more intellectual discipline, or another spiritual book? Some of that might give you a temporary boost, but those of us who require a stronger medicine need not look further than the wisdom of the oldest and most powerful shamanic and ecstatic lineages. They’re singing the songs your heart and soul long to hear.

As we recently told an audience in Amsterdam, forget your third eye. Open up your “third ear” and take in the music of the heavenly choirs and celestial bands. This is music that never ceases to ring the holy string that runs through eternity.

The oldest spiritual journey is the one that takes you from the small rooms of everyday mind-full reality to the vast and infinite room where the heart of soul-full creation resides. There are different names for this destination that include First Creation, the spirit lands, kingdom of God, the vast sea, and even “my blue heaven.” Lately we have simply been calling it the “big room.” Whatever name holds the least conceptual understanding for you is probably the best one to choose. (This will help interrupt your thinkiness and make way for mystery).

To make this life-changing crossing, you need a holy song. You can’t get home without it! More than anything else, music is the most able vehicle for mystical experience and good old fashioned healing. It enables the heart to rise above any interpretation of mind. Song is the rope, ladder, staircase, train tracks, and highway to the celestial city of mystery. Whether it’s a sung prayer, classic hymn, simple lullaby, or even an old love song, a song that touches the spiritual heart is the rhythmic soul train that can take you on a ride.

You don’t have to wait until you receive a song through vision, because not everyone is anointed to catch a song. What matters is that somebody in the world is receiving songs and then sharing them with others so that we can all feel a rope to mystery. This has been the spiritual role of the shamans, hymn writers, and composers throughout time – to catch holy songs and share them with the people. In recent times Brad has caught quite a few songs that we have been sharing first with people in our mentorship program, and now also on our blog (click on the category “music”). We never know whether the song will be a gospel hymn, folk tune, or something from the Great American Songbook. But any song that comes down the rope can pierce your heart and set your soul on fire.

Make song the single most important tool of your spiritual life. A relationship with sacred music doesn’t require an elaborate ritual or ceremony. It’s more of a practical, daily, reach-for-the-song-every-moment-you-can kind of experience. Open up your third ear and follow the music home to the center of it All. Listen! The universe is playing your song…

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