Sacred Ecstatics is a trailblazing spiritual offering that leads you straight to an experience of divine ecstasy. Part tent revival, part ceremony, and part shamanic cabaret, the Keeneys take you on a ride to the other side. With super-charged music by pianist Brad Keeney and ecstatic movement led by Hillary Keeney, you are primed for an overwhelming, rapturous, and life-changing encounter. Sacred Ecstatics has one goal: to fill you with sacred vibration and set your soul on fire.

Intensives provide immersion in the three-step Sacred Ecstatics “recipe”:


First, we build sacred ground, preparing your heart to be pierced by sacred emotion.

Second, we strike a spiritual match through a special kind of rhythm, music, movement, and vibrational touch. This lights a fire in your bones and gets you “spiritually cooked.”

Third, you are given unique mystical prescriptions for creative action that carry the ecstatic transformation into your everyday.

"This work marks the beginning of an awakening of the universal life force that is accessible to everyone. It is time for each of us to become acquainted with this energizing force and bring it into our daily life. I personally experienced the Keeneys’ work and believe it is the most direct path to healing and spiritual growth."


Featured in Dr. Andrew Weil's book, Spontaneous Healing

"The implications of this work are staggering."


"Go experience this – it moved my music and I wrote a song about it! It can move your life!"


Grammy Award-winning musician

“Brad and Hillary Keeney are authentic healers who transmit the energetic life force."


Chief of community mental health at Gesundheit! Institute and author of The Dancing Healers

As Time magazine described this experience, “It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s being fully alive.”

Intensives are the anchor of our U.S. mentorship program and are also offered throughout the world. They are your entry to Sacred Ecstatics and the continuing means of spiritually cooking your life.

People come to Sacred Ecstatics from all faiths, traditions, and backgrounds. Their common bond is a longing to set their soul on fire, strengthen their mystical rope, and fill their heart with divine love.


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