Bursting into Clown: A Very Short Dialogue

(This took place in our mentorship program online forum)

Student: This reminds me of something a clown I met decades ago said, which was that only the most serious people became clowns. I have often thought of this comment and imagine people getting so serious that they finally burst into clown. Because, really, clown is a serious business.

Student 2: I’m looking forward to the day when I finally burst into clown!

Brad: When the room is big enough and the spiritual temperature hot enough, and if the Higher Clown’s will wants this to be done, you will spontaneously burst into sacred clown. Spontaneous clown combustion. Place the smallest red dot on your nose where no one can see it except God. Consider that the beginning nose of a holy clown that owns the feeling for being a clown of God.

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