October 10, 2017

Sing Your Prayers

A Spiritual Classroom Report Last night I decided to pray only with a singing voice. I heartily sang all my prayers to God. Later, at 4am, I heard a voice say in dream, “Sing in order to ring a prayer.” It woke me up and I was pleased and tickled that I had dreamed words... Read On
September 30, 2017

The Spiritual Engineering of Sacred Ecstasy

And How to Drink a Glass of Holy Water. Last spring Brad received a series of visionary dreams about Charles Henry, the late nineteenth/early twentieth century sensory physiologist and multidisciplinary scholar at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Brad first encountered the work of Charles Henry as a young man when a book flew off a shelf... Read On
September 28, 2017

Building Sacred Ground with Wendell Berry

A spiritual classroom report. On September 25, 2017 I dreamed I was in an old-fashioned one-room schoolhouse. Poet, novelist, and farmer Wendell Berry was at the blackboard writing away with a stick of chalk. His first lines were written in Hebrew and then he changed to Greek. Inside these sentences I noticed several words written... Read On
September 11, 2017

From Hallelujah to Me-elujah: Thoughts on the Devolution of Consciousness

The cybernetic anthropologist Gregory Bateson once told me that the old debate over whether human beings are agents of free will or are subjects of determinism is resolved by the conclusion that one only has choice at the level of context. Once one steps into the chosen context, it determines the choices within. Translated into... Read On
August 30, 2017

In Defense of Spiritual Desire: Why It’s Time to Get Clear About What You Deeply Long For

And when the Spirit really did come . . . I’ve never felt nothing like that in my life. The joy! The fulfillment! The explosion! The everything—was there! And I had longed for that. [1] What do you long for? This is an important question to ask ourselves. Before you answer, however, take... Read On


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